MAB has entered the arena of professional construction and contracting service with the sustained motive of delivering sustained economic and social progress, creating opportunities for individuals, companies and communities to find and realize their own future.

The Group’s approach to business is built on the key elements of diversity, financial strength and people. These are the three components vital to our success and which are essential to navigate through the growing domestic and global competition, to achieve the hallmark of a complete professional entity.

Demand for architectural and engineering services has been driven by residential and commercial construction activity, as well as corporate and government spending. Our major services include preparing detailed architectural plans or blueprints, and engineering designs that can be used in the construction process. MAB also provide for consulting services and construction management for a broad range of projects.

  • MAB Contracting LLC, UAE
  • Al Madan Al Baraaq Metallic Const. LLC, Sharjah, UAE